The Curious Case of Mobile Money in Ghana

This post has been lying in my drafts for so so long, I figured making it my first post of 2015 makes a lot of sense! All right let's get straight to the point ...

First of all, let me explain how Mobile Money (as I understand it) currently works.

1. You sign up for a wallet using your mobile phone to the service provided by your network

2. You topup your account from any authorized vendor around

3. You can then proceed to making your transfers.

Is Windows Phone a game changer?

The year was 2007. One hot afternoon, sometime after my maths and computer science lectures, I was waiting for my friend, impatiently ... He was bringing me something I have been coveting for quite some time: A PDA! To be more precise, a Windows Mobile PDA, with a 3.5 inch screen, stylus enabled touch screen and a sliding full keyboard. 

I am moving back to iOS!

This post is way overdue! Intentionally .... I intentionally didn't write it till now because I wanted to let some time pass to see how I really feel about Apple and iOS weeks after the WWDC.

Yes, I'm moving back to iOS. This is not about iOS being better than Android. That fight will never end and that's okay. My case is a special one. I'm a die-hard Android & Google fanboy but after careful reflexion, I have made up my mind. Time to switch back and I'll say it again, it's not because iOS is better than Android now. It's all about being more productive!